Retired Alton GP, medical journalist, amateur performer, etc., Dr James Willis, is inviting everyone to a repeat performance, word for word and slide for slide, of a talk he gave seven years ago. It was the Opening Keynote address at the 2006 North European Travel Medicine Conference in Edinburgh. In it he stressed the need to confront organised global warming denial. He had been asked to deliver it after writing one of his articles on that subject - not at all his usual theme - the previous summer. The article had been called “Haven’t they got grandchildren too?”.  And as it turned out, one of his own grandchildren was born on that very morning - 8th June 2006.

You can work out that the grandchild is now almost seven. And although things were looking optimistic then for concerted global action on humanity’s first truly common cause, things have actually gone backwards during the boy’s life-time. Seven years ago ‘global warming’ was on everybody’s lips, but is now hardly mentioned. For half of America the subject is either taboo or regarded as a laughable ‘hoax’. And in Britain things are not much better - frank denial is not only acceptable in daily conversation but is still commonplace in sections of our media. And a government which once promised to be the greenest ever is now appointing deniers to positions of key influence.

So why repeat this talk just now? Simple. James has been spurred by the passage in Barbara Kingsolver’s latest book, Flight Behaviour. In it a scientist lets fly at a journalist who keeps trying to spin climate change as some sort of good thing:

“What you are doing is unconscionable. You are allowing the public to be duped by a bunch of damned liars...”.

That’s it in a nutshell. It is high time for everyone to wake up to the organised deception which has fallen on our all-too willing ears for so long. In a democracy politicians are hamstrung until the public are behind them on an issue. When voters realise how much is at stake they will demand action. And then things just could happen with the necessary urgency. We must hope that meetings like this are taking place all over the world. Because all the real evidence points to one thing - we haven’t got another seven years to waste.

The talk will last 24 minutes. There will be a short introduction and a discussion afterwards. Then coffee.  Dr Willis and his wife are paying all the expenses.  It’s the least they can do.  Please make the effort to come and listen.